Rainie Yang - Ideal Lover (理想情人) (Angol translation)

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Ideal Lover

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wearing a dress, looking at my watch
it's almost time, my heart is pounding
my first date with you has come
golden sunlight fills the sidewalk
got new lipstick, did my hair
want you to see
the good in me
I like seeing you walking with confidence
your attentive look as you speak
tender expressions, the innocence in your smile
I believe
it's impossible to find anyone better than you
how many points does your ideal lover have?
could there be
a place for me?
# I really want to know what kind of person you'll give your 100% to
darling don't be a stranger anymore
I want a bigger role
I want to ask you
darling upgrade your feelings
from friend to lover
can you?
tell me your standards, don't keep me waiting
Repeat #
listening to the time tick-tocking by
you nod to me across the street
like a dream, gradually
coming very close to me
Repeat #
Kűldve: embryonique Szombat, 16/10/2010 - 00:47

Ideal Lover (理想情人)

embryonique    Szombat, 16/10/2010 - 02:59

應該是"情"人, 不是"请"人。。。