Alcione - A loba (Angol translation)

Angol translation


I'm sweet, spoiled, polite,
As faithful as a dog.
I would even give you my life
But look, don't let me down.
If you ever cheat on me,
I'm implacable.
It doesn't work with me like that
I'm a woman that dives
Body and soul into the passion,
But don't you ever try to deceive my heart.
For me, love is only worth like this:
When there's no need to beg pardon
I love your audacious hand
Your touch - your mere gaze
Undresses me right away
But listen, I'm not a fool
Under this pussycat's skin
I hide a she-wolf
When I am in love,
I am a woman of one man only
I swallow my pride
I can do anything to please you
But, oh, my king, my rules,
You have to know them
I'm a woman that will leave you,
If you cheat on me
That will find a new love just to distraction
It shakes me but can't tear me apart
Because one crossfire shot never hurts
I don't eat out of the hand
Of whom that plays with my feelings
I am a woman able to do anything
To make you happy
But I can root out the evil, as well
I won't share you with anyone else
I was not born to live in a harem
Don't let me know a fault
Or you had much better
Forget me
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A loba