Carlos Vives - Los Buenos Tiempos (Angol translation)

Angol translation

The Good Times

The house of my grandparents
in those years of my childhood
I dreamt of so many stories
that they didn't fit in the bed
The story of an English train
that had the region bewitched
Because of the soccer ball
that arrived in those years
The story of an English train
that had the region bewitched
And a game of soccer
that ended in three to two
The train leaves Santa Marta
Ciénaga is sleeping
From Río Frío up to Aracataca
where my grandfather farms
Fundación is already celebrating
The train comes asking to pass
The Valleneta music
can be heard in the distance
"At last, the modern times",
commented the ladies
"Like those that they have in Europe,
that we have been longing for".
For my grandfather it was progress
that lightened the load
And in that iron mule
he was dreaming of other times
For my grandfather it was progress
And that made him happy
Living the bad hours,
he called it the good times
The train departs in the morning
And the entire town is awake
And the Kingbird sings to the wind
announcing the morning.
The snow has cleared
and that made me emotional
It took away the bad hours,
The train of the good times
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Los Buenos Tiempos

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Wow!! amazing translation!!

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