Saad Ramadan - Ma3zoum (Angol translation)



يعني كنت معزوم
عقلبك مش اكتر
طيب لازم قوم
شكلو الوقت تأخر
قولي لقلبك
انتَ من اهله
تصبح على حب
انتَ ترتحله
و يكون متلِك متله
قلب كذبة
يا قلب مرسوم بمحاية
يا كذب واقف عالمراية
بكرا الاحلى بعمري جايي
ما تفكري واقف عندك
هيك بلحظة مني طلعتي
من دون سين و جيم
تاري كل وعودك انت
ما بتسوى مليم
باب الرجعة تسكّر
وحبك مات و كتّر
حتى اسمك عشفافي
حرمته تحريم
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Angol translation


turns out I was invited
to your heart, nothing more
ok, I have to go
I think it's late
tell your heart
may you wake up with love
that you're comfortable with
and is just like you
a heart of lies
your heart is drawn with an eraser
you're a lie that's standing in front of the mirror
tomorrow will be a better day for me
don't think my life depends on you
just like that, you left me
without questions or answers
turns out all your promises
do not worth a dime
the door of comeback has been shut
and your love had died
even your name on my lips
is absolutely forbidden now
If you wish to use any of my works, kindly consult with me first.
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