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Mademoiselle Key

You are the key that opens me entirely
You can come visit my body
From the inside, lean against my heart to make me weep
And sometimes even the banderillas hidden among your lashes could slice me up
It’s not alcohol that put me back together, but the glue of your kisses,
Evenly spread all over, not missing a spot,
No, no no no not one spot
And sometimes even your tongue shines, oh banderilla, I’m banderilling you’ve put me back together
Mademoiselle Key
Mademoiselle Key
Oh Mademoiselle Key
I know where to push to make you laugh, to make you sizzle even, I’ll lay birds around your bones to offer you the sensation of flying
Flaps and slaps your claws steer me, if I could only stop time so that it lasts a little longer
When you plant your lips even your teeth upon me
It gives me this feeling
Like when the blue fairy appears in Pinocchio but even more real
Only it’s not my nose that’s growing in length only it’s not my nose that’s growing in length
And there are no stories of lies, and there are no stories of lies
No, it’s not my nose that’s lengthening, it’s not your nose that’s lengthening
It’s even better than in dreams
Mademoiselle Key
Mademoiselle Key
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banderilla - A decorated barbed dart that is thrust into the bull's neck or shoulder muscles by a banderillero in a bullfight.


Mademoiselle Clé

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