Slavica Ćukteraš - Manastir (Angol translation)

Angol translation


My love, where are you now
So you can see how I look
Your love has hurt me
It dismatled me deeply
But once you were also soft like silk
And I was and remain yours
I've tried everything with you, shame and sins
Now, well, I'm taking medicine
Look at me, look now, I've let my hair down
Because of this love I've abandonned everything
Look at me, look now, I'm wandering and searching for peace
On the paths of sorrow I'm going to the monastery
To fast my soul
To jade my body
To cure myself from you
But once you were the one to whom I gave my life to
And to whom I became faithful
I've slept with you, I woke up with you
Now I'm on the verge of insanity
Kűldve: MayGoLoco Csütörtök, 15/10/2009 - 20:00
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