Wise Guys - Meine Deutschlehrerin (Angol translation)

Angol translation

My Female German Teacher

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When I think back on that time, I'm still completely bonkers.
Then I notice that I'm still in love with her.
She was a wonderful woman with shoulder-length blonde hair.
She was a woman who was the one and only for me.
She was for me from the beginning so wonderful.
She learned me writing and she learned me reading.
Her skin softer as silk, and she was a really slim one.
No, I'll never forget what I owe her!
I still love her; she still robs me of my senses today:
My German teacher.
I never make predictions, and I'll never do it in the future either.
But I've sworn to myself: I'd rather not rest
until I finally confess my love to her,
because through what she learned me, I see the world much clearer.
She was so educated, she was so unbelievably smart
because she really knew everything about [word] stress and
sentence construction.
She was a woman who knew such unbelievably clever things
that I'm singing her this love song here as thanks for it.
I still love her; she still robs me of my senses today:
My German teacher.
She was the first great love, the love of my life.
But I came too late, because she was already spoken for.
One day she runned off with the math teacher.
For that I hate this guy 110 percent!
But I still love her, she still robs me
of my senses:
My German teacher, … my German teacher
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About this Song:
“Meine Deutschlehrerin” is a humorous song from the "frei!" album. The Wise Guys are known for their songs about everyday life and their clever, often amusing lyrics. “Meine Deutschlehrerin” is both.
Kűldve: Konradius Csütörtök, 19/01/2012 - 21:49

Meine Deutschlehrerin

helena.kramer.121    Péntek, 30/01/2015 - 22:11

I like the way you imitate the mistakes that are intentionally written in the original song! Teeth smile That's so Wise Guys!
The more "correct" translations of this song, unfortunately, miss the point here!