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Hello, hey, our Prophet

Marhaba1, hey our Rasul2,
From my sincere heart.
First soul from the Azal3,
Which is loved like the pupil of the eye.
A Guide under a banner,
Like the green grass.
A folded Ahmedi4,
Of all the Nabiis5 and Awliya6
Marhaba, hey pure being,
Marjan7 of both worlds.
Hey, o luminaire in the darkness,
Darman 8 of all pains.
O, breeze which brings scent,
To all of the branches of our treetops.
O, flower of the colourful garden,
O, proud basil.
O Shefaatchi9, o warm sun,
And moon's tender dream,
Take us to be among the Ghazis10,
And the Shahids11 with a beautiful scent.
Take us, like the As-Sahabah12,
Through the gates of light.
When the leaves of the Tuba tree13 hum,
And the rivers of musk.
  • 1. "Marhaba" or "Marhaban" [Arabic: مرحبا] = "Hello" or "Welcome!". (read more)
  • 2. "Rasul" [Arabic: رسول] = a "Messenger" (of God Almighty). (read more)
  • 3. "Azal" [Arabic: أزل] = " Distant past / ancient / eternity / immemorial". (read more)
  • 4. "Ahmedi" [Arabic script: احمدي] = is a name of a hat traditionally worn by Bosniak Imams. Also known as Sarik/Saruk. It is a Fez wrapped with a white cloth. (it looks like this: open link ; read more: Fez ; Turban)
  • 5. "Nabi" [Arabic: نبي] = "Prophet". (read more)
  • 6. "Wali" sg. [Arabic: ولي‎]; "Awliya'" pl. [Arabic: أولياء] = "Protector" or "Guardian", or "Saint". (read more)
  • 7. "Marjan" [Arabic: مرجان] = "Perl" or a "Coral". (read more)
  • 8. "Darman" [Persian: درمان] = "Cure". (read more)
  • 9. "Şefaatci" [Ottoman Turkish: شفاعتجی] = "Intercessor". Coming from the Arabic word "Shafa'ah" [Arabic: شفاعة] = "Intercession". (read more)
  • 10. "Ghazi" [Arabic: غازي] = "Warrior". (read more)
  • 11. "Shahid" [Arabic: شهيد‎] = "Martyr". (read more)
  • 12. "As-Sahabah" [Arabic: الصحابة‎] = "Companions" (of the Prophet Muhammad [s.a.w.s.]). (read more)
  • 13. "Tuba tree" [Arabic: شجرة طوبى] = lit. "Blessed tree" - a tree which, according to the Muslim belief, grows in Paradise. (read more)
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