Broken Heart College - Mesi (Angol translation)

Angol translation


When I think of you
I would like to tell you that
There are too many things
Left hanging by a thread
Tell me if
It seems normal to you
To steal my heart and then
Disappear like this
In January you found me
In February, the first kiss
In April, it was almost love
Then suddenly you
In June you call me again
In July I hold your hands
In August you're sure
But now
You don't even know
I wonder if
You're still the one who
Took my breath away
With a hint of a smile
I think of you again
I wish it had not been
A false step
Another mistake
From my past
You do not know
Once again
You are bringing me back
Past memories
Tell us of these months
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The base lyrics have been altered, please update your translation as well.