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The Mestecanis Pass

Ode to the snowy mountains,
that are supporting the sky with their peaks
And for the wild forests -
The mistyc cradle of our people.
Road that goes upward - mountain path,
Road that's running under the grass and fir trees,
That's climbing towards the setting sun,
Abrupt pathway to Mestecanis.
Hidden in the fog, unreachable,
Streched from the valley, from the ravine to the foggy peak,
Faced to the South, road hunted by the forces of nature,
Winding towards Mestecanis.
Mestecanis, guarding the heart of Bukovina
Mestecanis, from the ancient times
Mestecanis, I'm coming to you
Mestecanis, I hear your call!
Log that fell down, molded by time
Burried in the middle of the road, carried by the waters
It's stopping you on your way to the Rising Sun,
Resting place in the middle of the dense forest, in Mestecanis.
A hunted road that you use
To climb on the mountain, surrounded by deep fogs
Far, far away, to the North
Crossroads... in Mestecanis.
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Mestecanis is a mountain pass from the Bukovina region.


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