Metnotstand in Märchenland (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Mead crisis in Wonderland

In tales and sagas
Things are hotting up.
That's why there is needed
A strong thirst quencher!
High in the mountains
At the elves and dwarves:
Cheating and hypocrisy,
No one have warned them.
Mead crisis in Wonderland!
The thirst in me burns as hot as fire!
Mead crisis in Wonderland!
The Grimm brothers are paying dearly
Mead crisis in Wonderland!
The godfather1 rises his hand, it is:
Mead crisis in Wonderland!
Speculators of distant lands
Found profitability in trading mead.
Wonderland have brought together
All the gold in the world in no time.
The devil with the three golden hair
Wants immediately something to drink.
Happy Hans2 is depressive,
Because the ghost in the jar is not aperitif3!
  • 1. The protagonist of a story, written by the Grim brothers
  • 2. Originally called "Hans in Luck"
  • 3. Means, pretty much, alcoholic drink
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Metnotstand in Märchenland

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