Mien Seelterlound (Angol translation)

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Mien Seelterlound

Du blifst miem ljoowstet Lound altid,
Bit an mien Liuendseend.
Ju Waareld is soo fromd un wid,
Hier koant sik älk un een.
Neen Lound is mi soo ljoo un goud,
Tou Huus bän ik in´t Seelterlound.
Hier liuje wi soo sljucht un goud;
Us Sproake is us Stoat.
Us Lound häd Plakken, Iske nouch,
Sunt gans fon Foan umroat.
Neen Lound is mi soo ljoo un goud,
As dät mien litje Seelterlound.
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Saterland (Saterland Frisian: Seelterlound) is a municipality in the district of Cloppenburg, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated between the cities of Leer, Cloppenburg, and Oldenburg. It is home to the ethnic group the Saterland Frisians whose language is still used.
More details > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saterland .

Angol translationAngol
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My Saterland

You'll always remain my dearest land
Until the end of my life
The world is so strange and wide
Here, everybody knows everybody
No land is so dear to me
I am home in Saterland
Here we live so plainly and well
Our language is our state
Our country has pastures and many fields
It's completely surrounded by the moor
No land is dearer to me
Than my little Saterland
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