Miljoona (Angol translation)

Angol translation


Somebody said, that the money is the start and end for everything bad,
but the one who told me this did not have any money.
I took the grandparents advice into use,
be carefull with the money (marks), and now i am neurotic about euros.
It is here necessary, to get the things that you need,
some can deal with less, some can't-
When you can't get change from 500 at the bus,
for others, a tip is a quick loan for others in need.
We buy animals, we sell dreams
all is for sale when we agree from the price.
When it rains (bad times), people are again animals,
even your friends won't move before some got paid.
From formula car driver up to the trash/bottle collector,
who's life is of more value.
Tons, millions, millions of tons,
they say that money does not bring happiness, but all want ...
Million, million, million euros,
run, run, after richness.
Million, million, million euros.
buy everything, but the real happiness.
I don't need riches, i just want to manage.
Once fixed salary, no many little streams.
I have said no to euros, but cannot afford any more,
maybe also I want to have the money for a house.
When I count I need to have some savings, or more, it is better than under,
but luckily the money has not confuced my head.
I have good credit history, I can accept loan for the house,
i feel strange when i want to be debt for the bank.
Weighs on my shoulders, it is about my basic needs,
who address the value for the money, decide about everything here.
What they can get out of us, excited about their own riches (richness), they keep u hooked.
that's why we divorce or propose, argue and fights,
spoil the friendships, that what is it worth of.
You talk about that what you miss, that is always talked about, and it has made many crazy, even though it is just paper.
There is dirty money, grey money,
inherited, old money.
Fast money, evaporating money,
money that you honestly have earned.
The is money called just for the beggars cup, there is all that it takes, I do not care -money.
there is cash, all kinds on money,
there is money tied together with rubber bands in the trash.
In a way all is fine with us, some funds in the bank,
but the worst ones in that branch of business make
bad times intentionally.
There might be enough for everybody, but it can't be arranged,
dirty water, but money has been washed.
I sincerely wish, that for me suitably,
counting my game marks carefully for me and my closest.
Even the best can fall, will be disappointed for sure and bitterly, which is based on greed, will crash as surely as a bank.
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It was a long translation, many words in the rap, hope i was able to help at least with the context what it is about.

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cabbagesoup    Szombat, 18/08/2012 - 22:43

Thank you so much for this translation. This is my absolute favorite song in the world, and I've been working for ages trying to translate it completely and correctly. I wanted to learn suomi, but between the 15 declensions and 27 verb conjugations, I couldn't. Kiitos!

Guest    Vasárnap, 19/08/2012 - 05:59

Regular smile happy to help you! just ask if you want me to clarify some words or meanings. Ole hyvä!