Novos Baianos - Mistério do Planeta (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Mystery of the Planet

I'll show you how I am
and I'll be how I can
throwing myself against the world,
walking around every corner
and by the natural law of encounters
I leave and receive a bit
and I pass through naked eyes
or dressed in telescopes
past, present,
I participate in the mystery of the planet
Three times the mystery of the "stop",
I pretend and am him
what stays in each one
I keep going on my path
and in the air that was made and watched
open a parenthesis, don't forget
that besides that
I'm just a malandro*
a kid from Brazil
I ask and give charity
but I always walk and think with more than one
that's why nobody notices my bag
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*difficult to translate, it's slang, basically means like a person with street smarts, living a bohemian lifestyle, usually from Rio de Janeiro, it's the lifestyle of samba music


Mistério do Planeta

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