Imogen Heap - The Moment I Said It (Orosz translation)

Orosz translation

Как только я это сказала

Как только я это сказала
Как только я открыла рот,
Твой тяжёлый взгляд,
Раздавил во мне весь свет.
Я знаю, о чём ты думаешь.
Но, дорогой, ты слишком растерян.
Увы, случилось такое, что мы не можем объяснить.
Это даже не побег,
Ты просто должен идти.
Без колебаний...
Нет, я никогда тебя таким не видела.
И мне это не нравится, не нравится,
Совсем не нравится.
Убери ключи от машины,
Иначе кто-то пострадает.
Кому ты звонишь в такой час?
Присядь, успокойся, ты мне нужен.
Сегодня ночью мы идём в никуда.
Ладно, засыпай, я обещаю,всё как-нибудь образуется
Со временем.
Это даже не побег,
Ты просто должен идти.
Без колебаний...
Нет, я никогда тебя таким не видела.
Ты пугаешь меня, пугаешь,
Пугаешь до смерти.
Нет! О (удар...), пожалуйста...
Нет! О (ещё один), умоляю...
Нет! О (удар...), пожалуйста...
Нет! О (ещё один), умоляю...
Я теряю тебя,
Можешь мне верить.
У меня плохое предчувствие,
Можешь мне верить.
Ты всё разрушишь
Без колебаний.
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The Moment I Said It

AN60SH    Vasárnap, 02/09/2012 - 22:45


kuroi_neko    Vasárnap, 02/09/2012 - 23:36

The moment -> more like "как только" ?
your eyelids bulldoze the life out of me -> I think the idea is something like "your heavy stare has given you away, and that is killing me".

It's not even light out -> I think it means "it's not even dawn" (no light outside yet)
But you've somewhere to be -> like "you must go somewhere", "there's some place where you must be"

As I understand it, the man is waking up before dawn and probably wants to leave her while she is still asleep, but she wakes up and knows instantly what he's about to do.
Now reading your version I don't feel the same story.
What do you think?

Lemoncholic    Hétfő, 03/09/2012 - 10:51

Завалили комментариями.

Well, hello, kuroi_neko.

I like the idea of bulldozing with a heavy stare, it's been inserted, as well as the "somewhere to be" part.

I would like to insist on my version of "light out" a bit more, since there is such an expression, meaning "leave quickly": "The fox lit out for the forest".

Now, my interpretation. The man leaves the heroine for some utter business late at night. She is anticipating a catastrophe, and proves right: her lover gets into a car crash ("Smash!").

kuroi_neko    Hétfő, 03/09/2012 - 16:07

I agree on the expression, but in this context it sounds strange. I would have expected "It's not even lighting out" in that sense. However, it could be a relaxed way of saying it. Both interpretations are consistent with the context.

I wonder if you repeated "это сказала" on purpose. More like "открыла рот" the 2nd time, if that can be said in Russian?

As for the final bangs, my interperetation is more like a fight between them, i.e. the husband is found out and resorts to violence to shut his wife up. But that's no more likely to be the author's intent as your idea. Maybe could help here.

Lemoncholic    Hétfő, 03/09/2012 - 17:31

Oops, the repeating was not intentional. Fixed that.

Them getting into a fight was my first version as well, actually. I've looked up the website you advised. There are freaking 68 comment there, these are the possible interpretations I've gotten (not including yours and mine):

- A miscarriage
- The woman cheating on her husband

Another idea, which I like very much, is that there are no some real events considered, and it's just a song about a relationship breaking apart. "Smash!" is like the sound of the world the two lovers shared crumbling.

kuroi_neko    Hétfő, 03/09/2012 - 20:19

The woman cheating on her husband? A miscariage? That's preposterous.
The song is all about alien abduction, obviously.

You're going to throw it all away-> that could explain the smashing as a metaphor for laying waste to the relationship.
Anyway, your translation leaves the interpretations open, so let the reader add the aliens if he wishes so :).