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Most Múlik Pontosan (Angol translation)

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It’s passing exactly

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It’s passing exactly
Let it go peacefully
Let it run let it pass out of me
So I thought, you only
seem to be out of place
you’re not the one for me
Thunder and lightning strikes
and this is really love
I see a bird above me
glide by
barbed wire in its wide open heart
a stalk of straw in its beak
I’m gently swaying
while it lands on an apple tree
in God’s garden
inhaling apple cider
I’d ride on with you through the night
on the mottled indian horse of dreams
a steed’s heart trembling in a kitchen knife
mud and moor below my feet
Ever since that time
I’ve been seeing her everywhere
I’m staring into the distance
living in stony hell
splintered heaven
distorting liquid mirror
shining in the light of glow worms
An indian nightmare is haunting me
Its eyelids covered by a rusty shroud
Beyond the mirrors up in the clouds
An angel-winged snake charmer drops his been.
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Most Múlik Pontosan

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