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Most Múlik Pontosan (Angol translation)

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Fleeting Away

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That moment is fleeting away right now,
and I let it go.
Run away from me,
my love, I thought.
You aren't safe here,
You aren't for me.
Thundering and lightning,
This was real love.
I see passing by
a bird above me,
with barbed wire in his gaping heart,
and a straw in his beak
I cradle myself
as he lands on an apple tree,
in God's garden,
Inhaling apple wine.
I would like to gallop through the night with you
On the spotty Indian horse of dreams.
One magical heart quivering with a knife,
My feet treading mud and swamp.
From that moment,
I see him everywhere.
I gaze into the distance,
my home is a hell made of stone,
a shattered, splintery Heaven,
a liquid distorting mirror
glinting in the light of fireflies.
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The original song is by a band named Quimby.


Most Múlik Pontosan

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