아침의 슬픔 (The Mourn in the Morning(achim-ui seulpeum)) (Angol translation)

아침의 슬픔

더이상, 서울은 자유로운 나라가 아니네.
팬더믹 핑계로, 교회를 닫았네.
자유민들에 의해 선출된 시장은 변절자이네.
일단의 신도들은 현관 앞에 있네.
소처럼, 독재에 의해 길들여 졌네.
점차, 사람들은 저급한 레이션에 만족하고,
대면 예배 없이 일년이 지났네.
아는 지, 모르는 지, 벌써, 우리는 문산주의에 있네.
피 빛 달은 위대한 돼지아 무언가 꾸미고 있고,
사전 선거 때는, 그 표들은 붉은 얼룩으로 더럽혀 졌고.
예수가 나무에 저주를 한 후에, 무화과는 열매가 열리지 않고.
유다의 배신 이후에, 사악한 음모만 남았네.
사람이 뿌린 대로, 거두게 되었으니,
슬퍼하거나, 오늘의 사악함에 항복하지 말자.
쓰레기더미같은 공약에 속기보다 똑똑해져야 하네.
일어나라, 어떤 운명이든 싸우자, 내일을 위해.
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Angol translationAngol (equirhythmic, poetic, rhyming)
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The Mourn in the Morning

Never the farther, Seoul is the free-state.
An excuse of the Pendemic, banned the church.
The mayor be elected by the free people is the apostate.
The group of the believers are in front of the porch.
Like the cattle, they were tame by the dictatorship.
Gradually, the humans have satisfied with the poor ration.
A year has passed without the face-to-face worship,
To know or not, already we are in the commoonist nation.
The Blood moon is conspire something with the great Pig.
On the early voting, the ballots're smeared by the red blots.
After Jesus cursed the tree, it became barren on the fig.
After the Judas’s treason, only left only the vicious plots.
Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap,
Then let’s never sorrow, never yield to the evil of today.
Must be cleverer than to deceive the pledge of dirtheap.
Let’s be up and fight with any fate for next day.
This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).
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