Myrkrið kallar (Angol translation)

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Myrkrið kallar

Ég heyri myrkrið hvísla kalla
finn mig knúna til að falla
rigna yfir veröld alla
leysast upp.
Tómið opnast upp á gátt
myrkrið tekur allan mátt.
Ég er knúin að falla.
Veruleiki visnar
moldin hvíslar komdu heim.
Ég er knúin til að falla
Þú ert knúin til að falla.
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The darkness is calling

I can hear the darkness softly calling
I find myself forcibly falling
Raining over the world,
dissolving all.
The void opens up its gates,
the darkness may end all.
I am forced to fall.
Reality withers,
the dust whispers for me to come home.
I am forced to fall.
You are forced to fall.
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It's a good translation, but where did you get it from? You need to mention your source.

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It's my own work. In that case, you don't need to mention a source.