流れ酔い唄 (Nagare Yoi Uta) (Nagareyoiuta) (Angol translation)

流れ酔い唄 (Nagare Yoi Uta)

うちの目にうつるは あんたの嘘だけ
うまいこと言うて 心は別のことを思いよる
それでも責めることは 一つもありゃせん
誰でも弱いうそつき 弱いほどに罪深い
明日のことは言わんと あんたに言うたね
今でもうちは変わらん 明日なんかいらんとよ
それでも顔を見れば 気にかかることばかり
誰でも同じ強がり もがくほどに傷深い
それでも夜になると あんたが忘られん
誰でも弱いうそつき 責めることなどできゃせん
誰でも弱いうそつき 責めることなどできゃせん
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A Drunken Song

I can only see your lies
The way you say something endearing, yet your heart says something else
But, never even once have I blamed you
For everyone is a weak liar, so weak that it's sinful
I've told you that I will never speak of tomorrow, have I? (*)
For today I don't change, and tomorrow I also will not (*)
But whenever I see your face, it always weighs in my mind
How everyone is desperately pretending to be strong, so desperate that we bear wounds
Even when the night comes, I can't forget about you
And how everyone is a weak liar, so weak that I can't blame them
How everyone is a weak liar, so weak that I can't blame them
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For the (*) part, I'm still not sure about the translation. If anyone have anything to correct feel free to comment.

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