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I don't love
Anybody, my doll
My character is such
Like old sooty chimney
A lot of smoke passed trough my body
I don't love
Aunts, gossipers, talebearers, neighborhood
Fuck them with hat-stand
Nothing nice comes from them
I don't love
Seed salesmen
Gypssies trumpeters
Burek (pie)
Street pissers
Let they give me back my beautiful town
I don't love
Jeep drivers
Tambour musicans
They shorten each strophe of a song
Motherfuck them
But I love you, its true
You are my only love
I will sell this house
No matter cos its grandpa's inheritance
To buy four crazy horses
To harness a cloud on them
And run away with you out of everybody
I don't love
When my underwear stuck at one place
People that live another's life
A cherry stone in cake
I don't love
Narrow-minded people
Hypochondriacs which are afraid
To get cancer cos of thinking
I don't love
Aggressive dogs and patrons
Trash on streets
Disguised thieves which breaks our windows
I don't love
Thieves that drive extraneous cars
But know only half of alphabet
And move their lips while talk
And they are too disgusting to me.
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