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It's raining in nantes
Give me your and
Nantes' sky
Makes my heart grieve
A morning like this one
It's only a year again
The town had this dyed pale look
When I leave for the train station
Nantes again did not know me
I had never come there
It had needed this message
Because I'm going on a journey
"Madame, go to the rendez-vous point
At the intersection of 25th street and Grange-au-Loup
Go quickly, there is little hope
He asked to see you."
At the time of her last hour
After truly years of wandering
He re-found me with a full heart
His cry broke the silence
Since he had good
For a long time, I had hoped
For this wanderer, this disappered
Here! he had re-found me
The intersection of 25th Street with Grange-au-Loup
I remember the rendez-vous
And I engraved it in my memory
This room at the end of a corridor
Sat near to a chimney
I saw four men get up
The light was cold and white
They wore their Sunday best
I didn't ask any questions
To these strange companions
I said nothing, but from their looks,
I understood that it was too late
Though I was at the rendez-vous
The intersection of 25th Street with Grange-au-Loup
But he never returned to me
He had again disappeared
Here, you know the story
He had returned one evening
And this was his last journey
And this was his last shore
He wanted before to die
To re-warm himself with my laugh
But he died on the same night
Without a goodbye, without an 'I love you"
On the path which follows the sea
He sat in the garden of stones
I want the tranquility, he rests
I slept there among the roses
My father, my father
It's raining in Nantes
And I remember
Nantes' sky
Makes my heart grieve
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petitbalperdu    Szombat, 10/03/2012 - 14:48

coucou, juste quelques modifications:

Il y a juste un an déjà - It was just one year ago

Lorsque je sortis de la gare
Nantes m'était encore inconnue

When I left the train station, Nantes was still unknown to me

Je n'y étais jamais venue - I had never been there
Il avait fallu ce message - It took me this message
Pour que je fasse le voyage - to make the voyage

Vingt-cinq rue de la Grange-au-Loup - at nº25, rue de la Grange-au-Loup

A l'heure de sa dernière heure - In his last hour (the father's)
Après bien des années d'errance - After many years of wandering

il y en a quelques autres...