Jacques Brel - Ne me quitte pas (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Do not desert me

Do not desert me
We must both forget
All can be cast out
that’s already past
Forget all those times
of misunderstandings
and the times wasted
trying to know how
Forget all those hours
which too often killed
happiness’s heart
with each blast of ‘why?’
Do not desert me (x5)
I will offer you
lucent pearls of rain
coming from countries
where rain never falls
I will dig the earth
even after death
to cover your body
with gold and with light
I will make a land
where love shall be king
where love shall be law
where you shall be queen
Do not desert me (x5)
I'll invent for you
daft words whose meaning
only you will know
I will speak to you
about those lovers
who twice over saw
their hearts all ablaze
I’ll tell you about
that king who expired
for failing to have
a chance to meet you
Do not desert me (x4)
We have often seen
fire gushing out
from old volcanoes
that were thought extinct
There are, so I’m told
scorched fields that produce
yet again more wheat
than the best of Aprils
And at sunset time
For the sky to blaze
the red and the black
do they not conjoin?
Do not desert me (x5)
I will cry no more
I will talk no more
I will hide right here
so I can watch you
as you dance and smile
and listen to you
as you sing and laugh
please let me become
shadow of your shadow
shadow of your hand
shadow of your dog, but
Do not desert me (x4)
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Ne me quitte pas

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