Wael Jassar - Nekhaby Leih (نخبي ليه؟) (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Why do we hide in our secrets

Why do we hide in our secrets, when there is only you and me and no one else
And if we forgot our feelings, who do we talk to so they would remind us
Oh spirit of the soul *meaning “oh my love”*, you forget me, and I remember, I do not forget you
You became absent from my eyes again, and how can i live without love
And no matter how absent you are, i live with you, and i see you as a flower through the window
(when he sees her from the window)
and tear of love in my eyes awaits you oh most beautiful angel
they told me love has many signs in our heart beats and in our whispers
And the soul goes flying calling out for you, and the hands shiver in peace
(meaning shiver from her presence, not from illness)
In the outmost silence we speak, our eyes talk and dream
And with your breaths i felt my hands getting warm, i felt a sense of greeting
I say “Aww” (a sigh of pain) without any sound
You love me to death and I love you to death
And our feelings make us happy, and it's stronger than life and death
And no matter how much you are absent........
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Nekhaby Leih (نخبي ليه؟)