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Neko Te Gleda

Kada vidiš sunce, da li misliš o sreći?
Kada vidiš mesec, da li osećaš strah?
Ulicama šetaju crni ljudi
I olujno vreme ti uzima san
Neko te gleda
Neko te gleda
Kao da postoji bol
Da li osećaš to?
Neobično vole ti gradovi
U krilu lava nalaziš spas
Čekaš odgovor na mnoga pitanja
Živiš da bi postao prah
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Someone is Watching You

When you see the sun, do you think of happiness?
When you see the moon, do you feel fear?
Black people* are walking in the streets
And a stormy weather won't let you sleep
Someone is watching you
Someone is watching you
As if pain exists
Do you feel that?
Those cities love in an unusual way
You find salvation in a lion's lap
You are waiting for an answer to many questions
You live to become dust
Chorus x4
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