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Nine Years

The first gift she received from her stepmother
For nine years you must go with your unborn child
Kari, she asked sir Peder
How long should a woman with her unborn child go
My lonely sorrows wake me
Forty weeks it surely is,
So did Mary with Jesus Christ
When the ninth year arrived
She wanted to go home to her father
Sir Peder said to his young pages
To go and saddle his grey mare
Go quietly through the village
So that you don’t wake any dogs and make a din
Go quietly over the bridge
So that you don't wake any men and cause trouble
When she arrived to her father's home
There her father stood waiting for her
Dear me, dear me what do I see now?
I see my daughter coming to me
My dear father don't happy to see me
For no happiness has followed me
When I left I was young
Now I come back again, now I am so heavy
When I left I was a maiden
Now I come back again, now I will die
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Nio år

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