Noapte bună, București (Angol translation)

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Good Night Bucharest

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{Chorus} X2
Can't you see... that if you close your eyes you'll be lost,
Everything is changing around you way before you get to settle down,
And you realise that life is a one way journey
So wherever you go take advantage of whatever you can.
Can't you see...
Poor people that lost any hope,
Holes on the street, entire buildings of one room apartments,
Everything is a strange shade of grey that is slowingly choking you out,
Only the thugs from the corner bring some colour on this background.
All that's left is steel bars at the windows, dirty pubs and bars,
Whores are used as a bet and lost with a cast of a dice,
It's still smelling like poverty and hunger,
Youngsters pump their veins full of drugs hidden in the back streets.
It's a luxury to have a home and you know that well,
Many poor families make a shit load of children like mad.
And the race for money is still going on,
The elders are dragging the shitty rum bottle with them.
They are those that want to drain their sorrow,
Their time is passing by, obviously, but you don't care.
The street railway cars are going back at the home depot, so
The lights are out... Good Night Bucharest!
{Chorus} X2
At street corners: crackheds, syringes, garbage,
Dirty kids, rusted elders, the street lights are on... bling-bling,
They reveal children begging on the streets,
Stolen cars sold at bargain prices.
It's like in the ring, you have to keep your guard up,
The police is ready to burn you,
You go to jail with stiches if you're selling weed and someone snitches.
The justice is blind, the police is blind,
There is blindness in every eyes that do not want to see
That in Bucharest everything disappears in a second (How's that?)
Pay attention to your pockets and to your car's alarm!
Nowdays the dirty concrete buildings are your only escape,
Otherwise you'll be stepped on by others on the streets.
There are many neighborhoods from where you can not get out from,
You'll leave butt naked, with no money and dissapointed.
So wherever you go make sure to take care,
The Little Paris is history... Good Night Bucharest!
{Chorus} X2
Can't you see...
Can't you see...
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Bucharest City was once called The Little Paris.


Noapte bună, București

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