Eros Ramazzotti - Non siamo soli (Angol translation)

Angol translation

We are not alone

It’s the desire to change reality
That makes me feel alive
And I’ll search for all those people like me
That still have one more more dream
Inside a book that no one has ever written
I read the instructions of life
Even if I know I won't follow them afterwards
I’ll do what I feel
Beyond the distance, we are not alone
Sons of the same humanity
Traveling souls looking for ideals
We won't lack courage
Goes beyond any ideology
The emotion that brings us together for one great idea
There's another possible world
And I am also looking for it and I want it just the way you do
On the blank pages
We'll give space to all our dreams
Nobody will ever steal the future
From our hands
Beyond the distances, we are not alone
Without any certainty or truth
Confused souls, captive hearts
With the same idea of freedom... freedom
Beyond the distance we are not alone
Uncertainty won't stop us
Goes beyond the frontiers
Doesn’t know about geography the emotion that brings us together for this great idea
Beyond the distance we are not alone, always looking for the truth
Traveling souls, captive hearts, with the same idea of freedom
there is another world and I will find it with you
And me with you
With me
And you with me
Kűldve: Lady_A Hétfő, 01/12/2008 - 16:14

Non siamo soli

ErosFan    Csütörtök, 05/08/2010 - 21:38

Great translation but, there is some sort of mixing between the original text and the translation
Good work though Regular smile