None of my business

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Idiomatic translations of "None of my business"

Banane, beni ilgilendirmez
Német, Perzsa, Török #1, #2

Meanings of "None of my business"


Mene to uopšte ne zanima. Nije moja stvar. Mene se to ne tiče. Nije moja briga. Šta me briga.

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"None of my business" in lyrics

amazarashi - Living Dead

Some say, ''I can't take this anymore!'' as they jump from rooftops.

The rest have faces that say ''That's none of my business. If I can live without taking that responsibility, then I'll do just that.''

Cher Lloyd - None Of My Business

I wish you the best, I hope that she can fix you (you, you)
You'll be calling me the second that it hits you
But baby, this is none of my business

Jade Bird - Uh Huh

With a European accent does she speak, oh so gentle

And it's none of my business
And I don't wanna get involved

Sezen Aksu - Come On, Let's See

Come on, let's see, good luck on it
A though bizarre race (it is)
None of my business, (aman) i don't have a clue
It's a complicated, craftmanship

Giorgos Sabanis - Before You Say I Love You

since you're not always there

it's none of my business,
your half kindness and I don't care

Gesu no Kiwami Otome - Give me an abnormal kiss

Thinking that I didn't want to regret, I started to run towards you
At the moment, like a TV drama, a train came unluckily...
"None of my business"

Suran - Don’t hang up (전화끊지마)

나에게 미안
하다며 진 빠지는 얘길 하지
None of my business
I’m tryna be mean

Ingrid St-Pierre - Exes

I told you you looked good, that I liked the decoration
"So tell me, were you inspired by some feminine influence?"
You smiled, I guess you're right, it's none of my business anymore,
But I don't think you have a girlfriend, I counted the toothbrushes

Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again

You should check that out
Maybe you ain't turn her out
Maybe it's none of my business
But for now work it out

Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers

While he's all over TV, down-talkin' the man
Who literally saved my life, like fuck it, I understand
This is business, and this shit just isn't none of my business
But still knowin' the shit could pop off at any minute, ‘cause—

Despina Vandi - I Passed By To See

I passed by to see how you are and how you're living
You might think that it's none of my business
I wonder if you'll find something to say to me

Milva - Quick hotel

leaving just two bodies in the bed.

I know that it's none of my business
however it is not right

Eminem - Detroit Vs. Everybody

I don't got time to evict these clowns
Y'all niggas been bitches
That's none of my business, but I don't sip tea (It's Nickel)
Ridin' 'round his block; all he know is pitfalls

Željko Samardžić - It's none of my business

Whose palm you read
Who’s making you coffee this morning
It’s none of my business
But maybe I was naive to

Novi fosili - For good old times

I waited for you at the end of the story
You said then: "we're over"*
I've forgotten about it**, [now] it's none of my business

Liviu Teodorescu - Is not my "job"!

It ain't my "job", come, be mine , come, be mine!
Tell me you'd want it to be
It ain't my "job", is none of my business
It ain't my "job", but i think you'd want it to be !

Bénabar - Tell him yes

I know well, Muriel, that it's none of my business
You kicked him out, and I respect your choice
But, he would like to come back... okay, I won't insist
He's my friend too! No, he didn't send me

Nataša Bekvalac - The chip

after you my chip for love has expired
when on my doorstep the one who resembles you sleeps
that's none of my business
You ripped of my heart from the chest

Zara Larsson - She's not me (Part 1 & 2)

Is it none of my business?
None of my business
Is it none of my business?

M.I.A. - Foreign Friend

Say life's a box of chocolates
We say who packed it, do you feel me?
What you do's none of my business
But I want you to make me a witness