Obie Trice - Anymore (No Speakers)

  • Előadó: Obie Trice (Obie Trice III)
  • Album: CD Single

Anymore (No Speakers)

Yeah, BME Black Market Entertainment
Obie Trice
Yeah, I then had some empty years
Lost a few peers even shed a few tears (Proof!)
For my niggas ain't here
But even from up there they whisper in a boy ear (ppsss)
Say Obie how dare you stand clear when you the realist nigga there
Bring fire Obidiah God admire ya (Dear God)
And I'm a servant of him from urban to Em
From Em to now what I'm deserving is slim (Nah)
Like BME ain't as urgent as them
I murdered every verse you purchased back then
Nothing rehearsed no acting
No reenactments "O" so actually
Actually it hurts trying to bring them back to me
When you the same person that made him platinum
Plus, (You!) only nigga did that where he rest
Schoolcraft Ave put a hole in ya chest (Yes)
Nope I'm not Drake of course I'm not Weezy I'm riding to K-Deezy
So why when I see where the cheese be
You don't receive me BME that's Obeezy
Don't it get it twisted like you internet niggas do
Shady that's my birth we'll always be crew (Always)
If we gotta take it back to Ja Rule
Back to Benzin-ho, we gon' do what it do
Bullet in my head loose screw still
My motor skills had to get another boost real
I'm living proof that a death certificate's not a definite
Unless you the nigga got my roof peeled
Watch his head play peek-a-boo
Through the scope on the pica-tinny rail
Richard Harrow Expires ya, no face
This a Broadway Empire, BME Believe you me, I wanna crossover
The aroma of the hood take a hold of a soldier
Then it take toll and turn to a odor
When you can't get it off ya
The labels they don't want ya
But this ain't Degrassi this is where the grass be
Forty four eight in weight and that's his last
Mama titty rotten and she wear a mask
Just to be in public or around the people she lovin'
They say I'm buggin' when I'm buzzin'
I ain't recovered but big ups to my brethren (Em!)
Still keep it in the cupboard bring that shit out
Need somethin I need to go bottoms upward
Bottoms upward, bottoms upward, bottoms upward, bottoms upward
Yeah I do beats do streets, BME
Ya'll act like I'm the only nigga that heard Guru speak
Let's get this money
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