things are coming to a headAngol1
Angol #1, #2, Francia, Hindi, Olasz
Sooner or laterAngol23
a mixed bagAngol1
To keep something under wrapsAngol1
To go on a warpathAngol2
Angol #1, #2, Francia, Hindi
caught up in somethingAngol-
Read the roomAngol1
A hungry belly has no earsAngol3
out to get meAngol-
Bump ugliesAngol-
Cast in the same moldAngol5
to give oneself the nakedness/ barenessAngol2
Throw a glanceAngol4
Angol #1, #2, Francia, Hindi #1, #2, Spanyol
hit listAngol-
Force of habitAngol3
A hard row to hoeAngol-
All things are difficult before they are easyAngol7
soon to nowAngol71
Work up to the collarAngol1
to live beyond one's meansAngol1
to give someone a dressing-downAngol2
Angol, Francia #1, #2, Hindi, Olasz
to lose track of somebody/something.Angol1
For the love of godAngol10
blood in the waterAngol-
smell bloodAngol-
the pick of the bunch.Angol1
Calm after the stormAngol3
with kith and kin.Angol4
the CRUX of the MATTERAngol16
change one's mindAngol1
to have double standardsAngol2
Angol #1, #2
sweet are the uses of adversity.Angol61
It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.Angol61
Harp on the same stringAngol3
To sound like a broken recordAngol3
cold hands, warm heartAngol-
change my tuneAngol1
to take the wind out of someone's sailsAngol3
Put one’s shoulder to the wheelAngol1
In shirtsleevesAngol1
turn tailAngol1
Nest moneyAngol4
to drop a bombAngol1
take one's cue from someone.Angol2
Angol #1, #2
take a leaf out of​/​from someone’s bookAngol2
know sth like the back of your handAngol6
know something inside outAngol6
know the ins and outs of somethingAngol6
cast aspersions on somebody.Angol3
pick the flowerAngol-
rush blindlyAngol-
heart outAngol-
carry the crossAngol15
bear the crossAngol1
Angol #1, #2, Hindi
Burst with joyAngol-
flat brokeAngol5
Angol #1, #2, Német, Orosz
Business before pleasure.Angol1
t's nothing to sneeze atAngol-
Angol #1, #2, Hindi, Spanyol
Don't give up your day jobAngol-
Angol #1, #2, Hindi
buckle down to somethingAngol2
back and edgeAngol2
Angol #1, #2
see the light of dayAngol3
starry eyedAngol1
no clueAngol2
to not turn a hairAngol1
Two of a kindAngol12
to stir up a hornet's nestAngol2
Swell with prideAngol5
Angol #1, #2
drunk as a cuntAngol3
fall on hard timesAngol5
without a pot to piss inAngol-
I talk of chalk and you talk of cheeseAngol3
to answer irrelevantlyAngol3
To feel ten feet tall.Angol2
roar backAngol-
unstable person in loveAngol1
from top to bottomAngol56
put teethAngol2
Angol #1, #2, Hindi
What's in a nameAngol1
Summon up the courageAngol2
a close shaveAngol8
To have somebody under one's skinAngol1
die on the vineAngol-
The only thing in my mindAngol2
magic touchAngol6
magic bulletAngol-
dance to (one’s) pipeAngol7
pine knotAngol14
pale(s) before / pale besideAngol4
To be on velvetAngol2
blink back tearsAngol-
close to tears / (be) near tearsAngol4
tear one's hair outAngol2
stay abreast of somethingAngol7
keep pace withAngol7
it is raining bucketsAngol63
To Rain stair rodsAngol63