Pick on

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Meanings of "Pick on"


ينتقي -يختار-أو يتصيد أخطاء أو يلوم

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"Pick on" in lyrics

Orelsan - Notes for Too Late

The best jokes are the meanest or the dumbest
But the worst human beings are cruel losers
Don't pick on the weak, keep the jokes in a corner of your head
It'll fit into a text, a movie or a sketch

Heathers (Musical) - Beautiful

Yes, I am. I wanna know what gives you the right to pick on my friend. You're a high school has-been waiting to happen. A future gas station attendant

Fonseca - I Send You Flowers

Please don't leave me.

I send you flowers that I pick on the road
I send them to you in my dreams,

Akon - I Wanna F@ck You

Take a picture with me, what the flick gon' do?
Baby stick to me and I'ma stick on you
If you pick me then I'ma pick on you
D-O-double-G and I'm here to put this dick on you

Rudy Ray Moore - The signifying monkey

Said, "All right you big, bad muthafucka, it's gonna be your ass or mine!"
The elephant looked at him outta the corner of his eye
Said, "Alright go ahead home you little funny-bunny muthafucka and pick on somebody your own size.”

Faye Wong - The Last Blossom

In the end you’re left with yourself
You're too narcissistic to pick on yourself
In the end you have to face yourself

MONATIK - This is what makes you mad.

So go out and light it up.
So that they want to be you all.
Chsh-sh-sh! Show them skill, pick your head.
Tear off your ovations, tear them in half.

Behnam Safavi - you are wonderful

i have been looking for you for years
i have been looking for you with my restless heart
dont pick on me,
take my hand

Elton Britt - Uranium Fever

Well, I ain't kiddin', I ain't gonna quit
That bug's done caught me and I've been bit
So with a Geiger counter and a pick in my hand
I'll keep right on stakin' that government land

RiceGum - Its Every Night Sis

Was it back in middle school or was it senior year? (what)
Didn't think you'd get caught like an interference
Pick on others just to hide the fact you were insecure
How you think they felt when they went home and they were dripping tears?

Serdar Ortaç - Seytan

since its very shame are you spoilling this game
it doent have a reason... the devil says draw into that one
his name pick on that one
shall the crazy destiny make eath other meet, there isnt anyone who know

Limp Bizkit - Lonely World

I remember high school, man i hated high school
It was like prison with bullies always putting me down
Just a little skater boy they could pick on
I learned to forgive'em, now i got the balls they can lick on

Taylor Swift - Mean


Whitney Avalon - Dorothy vs Alice

This fool forgot these are the dudes that freaking lived on her farm
You're stressing 'cause you're messing with a verbal giant, sweetie
You want to pick on someone my size?
Eat me!

Sagopa Kajmer - Replica Hearts

It was a mistake to begin.
But not being able to begin was a pain.
In my serenade to love, you were the pick on my string.
I got over my habit hey God.

Okasian - No Flex Zone Remix

i just gotta earn money. i just gotta walk the red carpet
those people who are in reality just dick-cheese gotta pick on my every word
anyway they can't touch me. hug like jesus, hold in my arms

Kid Rock - Cowboy

Mack like mayors, ball like Lakers
They told us to leave, but bet they can't make us
Why they wanna pick on me, lock me up and snort away my key?
I ain't no G, I'm just a regular failure

Giannhs Vardois - If You Still love Me

once and for all, wherever you go

I am not going to pick on the wound
nor I am going to find the why

123Lunatic - The Moon (Majora's Mask) vs The Sun (Teletubbies) - Epic Pixel Battle (April Fool's Day Bonus)

You must feel so important fighting against the small frys
Or don't you have the stones to pick on those your own size?
You're controlled by a buffoon, so don't act so smug.

Super Furry Animals - Beehives

Don’t pick on me
Oh beehive
Don’t pick on me
Oh beehive