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Hold my hand

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There's two lands, so different they are
One is carved from light
On another's meadow light never shines
In it's rooms there's endless night
Between them traverses a black river
Deep as infinity it is
I've felt longing for it
When autumn has festered my soul
And now by the bridge, weak and fragile
I'm asking you to help
Hold my hand if my leg falters
Carry me, when my straw collapses
Let me fly from the shadows into the light
Carry me under the aegis of your wings
For my spirit is weak, a slave of luck
It's temple is fragile and slim
With me you'll walk over this bridge,
Morning and the last evening?
I see the wet planks ahead of me
Part of them already snapped away
In the surges of river are the graves of the dead
Among them would my place be?
I close my eyes, I dare not look
When I can't see the another shore
Nor feel the land under my feet
I walk lonely steps
And now between the dark sky and the stream
I'm asking you to help
And when the bridge swings in the wind
I was already ready to give up
I felt how your fingers grabbed
At my powerless arm
And when the ropes under my bridge collapse
Even then you didn't let go
Hold my hand
Hold my hand
Hold my hand
Kűldve: Tataka Kedd, 10/11/2009 - 19:27

Pidä kädestä

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