Piers Faccini - The beggar and the thief


The beggar and the thief

"Help me I am helpless"
Cried the beggar to the thief
"Help me find a home again
I need safety and relief
I'm weaker than the smallest breeze
I have lost all my belief"
"Come with me" the thief replied
"I'll show you a land that's free
Where no door has ever closed
Onto the likes of you and me
For just as you cannot steal the sun
You cannot steal all that I've seen"
Roam until I roam no more
Run until I run no more
"I'll go with you" the beggar cried
"I'll follow you my friend
I'll be the shadow on your path
Round each and every bend
As I stand before you now
Naked until the end"
"All is well" the thief he laughed
"Let's hit the endless trail
You will be rewarded fast
As long as you don't fail
I'll pick the locks upon the gates
Of heaven and in we'll sail"
Roam until I roam no more
Run until I run no more
Songwriters: Piers Damian Gabriel Faccini
The Beggar & The Thief lyrics © Hi Jack
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