Miroslav Ilić - Polomiću Čaše Od Kristala (Angol translation)

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I'll break the crystal glasses

I've kissed lips which honey drips from
And sleepy eyes which hide the yearning
I've listened to birch when it whispered to the poplar
Our life is going to pass, do you feel sorry for that?
I'll break the crystal glasses
I'll pull out the tulip's clusters
I'll tear off another two strings
I'll leave the violin so it can rot
If it doesn't have the power
To return me the days and nights
When I rode a black horse
When I ripped a hundred necklaces from the necks
When I tore the tight bodice
When I rollicked, so mad and furious
I've spent many nights kissing with no limits
But an empty heart is never enough
It wants more love, which it had before
It doesn't care about wrinkles which covered the forehead
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Polomiću Čaše Od Kristala

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