Prosessen (Angol translation)

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The Process

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Welcome to the Mafia recruitment
Everybody's learning here
So welcome the priest
Because everybody wants to join the success
As long as there is money
As long as there is money involved
We get bigger and bigger each day
We represent every social group
From the top of the pyramid and down
I see it in you
I see it in you. You are like us
Because it will be a revolution
When you see people converting to another religion
And those who don't believe me today...
It's a part of the process
Everything you have heard about us is true
We are starting to get many
We have people all over the country
There's nothing like watching them promenading
Someone react, but others applaud
And they are like us
We take it day by day
Constructing answers
Giving you everything you want
Think strategy, think strategy
Oh you are in my hands no matter what happens
Let me have your vote. I beg on my knees
Oh you have so many things ahead of you
Come join the process
Tell your friends and acquaintances
The can join the process
Kűldve: nananakin Hétfő, 21/11/2011 - 13:10
Szerző észrevételei:

I submitted a new translation because I love Kaizers Orchestra, and it's really too bad that the old one contained a few spelling mistakes and mistranslations. I hope you enjoy!



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