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In my back there are knives
Scars and wounds in the battle enacted
I'm not asking for anything, I forgive you everything
I'm rising up stronger, to build something new
I feel pain and go through Golgothu
But I know that without you everything will be better in my life
Every hit, pressure and repression
I'm using it and converting it into a new energy
This is a movie, and I'm director like Spielberg
Always few steps ahead
When you see the safety from my view
Know that the new victory is written
This sport is not for everyone
It require brain and wisdom like in the judge
Lesson that learned me the street
Here there are no room for emotions
Sometimes I have a feeling like I'm traveling
Taxi driver is driving crazy
I'm always going through yellow
And I'm own him the tip
But in the pocket there's nothing but a little money and dust
Music is playing from Kuma two
Nothing is going well for me
But again I know that somewhere I'm arriving
From two (D) to three (C) in high school
To some example to kids suddenly
The story is starting
I can't catch it all, you count it
I was born under a lucky star
I was saving bombs first marth
Every bless, I count in myself
And I can whisper it to few people
I'm breathing the moment with my full lungs
I'm owing to someone, come on and swear it
I love to fill my pockets respectly
But never over someone's back
I understand, I was born to win
I'm made to create, to fuck father's sons
Karma's a bitch when it gets you
Son of the miner, grandson of the miner
Every peny is sweaty
Every line is my way to run into myself
My roads are build with passion
And thank God for a calluses
Always for friends and never for the assholes
System builded a long time ago
I'm standing with my brothers in heart
Never alone and never lonely
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