Quasi sera (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Almost Evening

Almost evening,
and you were with me—
we were sitting
alongside the sea.
Almost evening,
and there, on the sand,
there were still signs
of our love.
I remember
that you spoke to me—
I was watching
a passing sail—
it was white,
it was swollen with wind,
it was the last sail—
it was almost evening.
Almost evening,
and I don't remember anything else—
neither your voice
nor your name.
Almost evening
and then I never saw you again,
I never knew anything more
of you, of your life.
I remember
of us, above all,
the sail that suddenly
brushed by our love—
it was white,
and, after a moment,
I was searching for it
but there was nothing there but the wind.
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Quasi sera

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