Rain check

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Rain check (Angol) — to give an assurance of not doing something right now but later; to give a coupon to a customer confirming that they would be able to purchase something at a discounted price that it is being sold for right now but is out of stock.

Angol, explained by St. Sol on Kedd, 22/05/2018 - 17:02

Rain check — перенести, отложить что-л.; купон на будущую скидку, выдаваемый покупателю когда желаемый товар весь распродан.

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"Rain check" in lyrics

The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell
Right to the top
Don't look back
Turning to rags and giving the commodities a rain check

I don't ever want to let you down

Imagine Dragons - It's Time

You were a Record
I was a Remix
You were the sunshine
I was a rain check
You needed time
But you were my Rolex

R5 - Things Are Looking Up

You can hurt me [repeat]
Tomorrow [repeat]

If you can take a rain check on a stormy night
Then I will love you till you old, like you're Betty white
You can hurt me any other day, pick a fight

K’naan - Hurt Me Tomorrow

Wa-Wa-Wa-Watch (that)
Chain (Check)

They Be On A Rain Check
I Be On The Move
They Be Reaching But They Can't Catch

Nicki Minaj - Dang A Lang

Let's forget what was said and give pain a rain check
Like before, when we stood tall over our callous sins.
See, all of your demons became my demons
On your front line I fought.
But we're oceans away, our glory days, went up, went up in flames.

You Me at Six - Forgive and forget

Fame, bully for you, chilly for me
Got to get a rain check on pain
Fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame,

David Bowie - Fame

So will these thousand whispers ever hold a cleft note to sing?
Or will these blisters become targets of the scorpion king's sting?
Because the poison invades the veins to the stages of Hume
I'll take a rain check in the same breath of a checkmate - in three moves
I know everything is everything and nothing's still something else
So I cleared my shelves of any signs of wealth to impress the elves

Illogic - 1,000 Whispers

Since everything reminds me of you
A women's perfume, the echo of your voice
Your ''goodbye forever,'' I don't believe it at all
It's a ''see you later,'' almost a rain-check.

None of this will change the world

Joe Dassin - None of this will change the world

Maybe it's alright, that's alright
Let me see a stolen love
I don't care what becomes of me
I'll take a rain check on making a compromise

My aim is to stab the heartless guy who labeled me a withered bitch

Kami-sama, I have noticed - Try to hollow out my life