Rammstein - Rein raus (Angol translation)

Angol translation

In & Out

I'm the rider
you're the horse
I mount (you)
we start to ride
you're moaning, I tell you
an elephant in the eye of a needle
In & Out
I'm the rider
you're the horse
I have the key
you have the lock
the door is opening, I enter
life can be so splendid
In & Out
Deeper deeper
Say it say it aloud
deeper deeper
I feel good in your skin
and a thousand elephants are breaking out
The ride was short
I'm sorry
I'm dismounting, have no time
have to go to the other horses
they want to be ridden, too
In & Out
In (deeper)
Out (deeper)
Kűldve: Mauler Hétfő, 25/04/2011 - 22:38
Added in reply to request by Brasilemão

Rein raus

Mauler    Vasárnap, 15/05/2011 - 22:43

Der anonyme Komiker, der mir einen Stern dafür verpaßt hat, soll es selbst besser machen, wollen mal seh'n...

Mjonesphoenix    Péntek, 29/07/2011 - 16:12

I gave you five stars. Looks like an excellent translation to me and the song is just wonderful. Thank you for your work Regular smile

Nenna    Szerda, 12/09/2012 - 13:14

Just wonderful? The song is pornography and sh*t!