Please translate A grace given in sorrow (Iliad, XXIV)


A grace given in sorrow (Iliad, XXIV)

So many days of quarrelling among the gods
Concerning Hector’s body and Achilles
‘Zeus, our Father, reigning from Ida,
God of glory and power,
Grant I come to Achilles’ door as one
To be received with kindliness and mercy’

‘Think me more pitiful by far,
Since I have brought myself to do what no man else
Has done before – to lift to my lips the hand
Of one who killed my son’

‘As you wished, sir, the body of your son
Is now set free
At the first sight of Dawn you shall
Take charge of him yourself and see him’
‘We should have mourning for nine days in hall,
Then on the tenth conduct his funeral
And feast the troops and commons;
On the eleventh we should make his tomb
And on the twelfth give battle, if we must.’

And all in tears placed his dead body high
Upon its pyre, then cast a torch bellow
In a golden urn they put the bones,
Then in a grave dug deep they placed it,
Ensured against an Achaean surprise attack,
So they performed
The funeral rites of Hector, tamer of horses

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