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I Want You

[Verse 1]
Yeah eee eee
No, aye, aye, aye
I wanna make it clear so you wanna stay
I see you out with her but
I got some plans with you
It's gon' be real soon
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Some days its hard when i see you holdin' hands
You're out with her when you should be my man
Its you, ooh
Oh, babe
I token you

I see it in your eyes that you know its me
Right here waitin' for your love
You, you, you
Oh no no no
I want you

[Verse 2]
This might seem crazy but I think I found love
She gets attention and I can't get enough of you
I need that from you
I have your number but I'm waitin' to call
But you can't tell me that
I mean nothing at all to you
I'm everything to you

[Verse 3]
Its perfect timing, go for good
I'm so excited, undestoood
That you're love is with me and I know that she can't see

[Verse 4]
I know you like me, I like you
You can tell me what you got with her its all good
What I'm seeing I can't believe it
Its what I want
Cause I've been fighting for these feelings

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Produced By: Dinah Jane
Written By: Dinah Jane
Release Date: 2011
Track Length: 5:17

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