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La Generale

I'll be your Salome
I'll dance the 7 veils
And my love ain't gone
Until it's gone yeah!
I see you counting reaths
I'm on my own, on my own, yeah
Perverted and I'm dirty
And they're shovelling
Up my core, up my core, yeah
You said to hurt you plenty
Can I love a little more?
Make me the centre
The core your placenta
I'm sore and I'm crying magenta
I know you're a spender
But give me a moment
I'll tell you a tale...
Shame on my shame
Begets and he feigns, forgives
And forgets
And he holds not a name
He holds but a grain and
From that we'll grow
Forests, and cities, and deserts
But Oh! Such a shame...
It's all in my frame but
I ain't got the concrete
I ain't got the soil
I ain't got a name...
I ain't got a name...
La generale
Naked battalions
Drawing incisious, ay!
La generale
Unshielded and bare
I crusade all my senses, ay!
La generale
После нас - хоть потоп!
La generale
Apres moi le deluge..
Sex, baby, sex
I don't want no-no-nothing else
I just want your...
Sex, baby, sex
I don't want no-no-nothing else
Sex, baby, sex
And all the things that should come with it...
Lie on me
Talk softly like you do
Before you hammer me
Make that pink thing
Black and blue
I want it all
And make it simple
I want it all
I want it now
I want you all...
Inside my...
Finger's on the trigger
And the gun points
To the temples high
He lingers and he circles
And he runs from his
Demise and sighs
Keeps me in his fortrese
And he keeps me like a beast
In cages golden and embellished
More than I could relish
Tells me freedom measures
Not in space
I shouldn't curse my cage
I sit and howl
I sit and howl
I sit and howl
And count the days you left me!
Come play with me oh Zion
Come play oh Babylon
Come to Jerusalem
Oh come, it's on, it's on, it's on
And they told me this is ruinous
And they said that I'll be damned
And all this mess I'm brewing
Lips ajar you'll be the one...
Hell to pay!
And all his glory!
I'll find my voice
And I shall tell you stories...
Ya Salome
Ya generale
После нас - хоть потоп...
Abide with me, forsake me not..


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