Traduceți Wassiye



Wassiye wassiye ne la diya souro
Wassiye den kourani dine ma souro
Den kourani yoro be kera kera wassiye
Den muso ni yoro be kera kera wassiye

Wassiye ne la diya kounou souro wassiye wassiya gnogon vere
Dine ma souro
Den musoni yorobe kera kera kon muso
Den kourani yorobe kera iko wassala

(For all the happy fathers, you have just had a daughter who looks very much like your wife. You are blessed now with two wives at home)

A genekisse ye wassi taye
a dagola fana ye wassi taye
A tchie kisse ye wassi taye
A boto kala fanaye wassi taye

I ya ye I ye wassi ye (bis)
Wassi yene la diya
Iyaye Iyaye wassive moussoye (bis)

Submitter's comments:

The actual language is Bambara, a language spoken in Mali (while the official language is French), but I could not fin the language among the others.

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