Ressuscita-me (Angol translation)

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Revive Me

Master, I need a miracle
Transform my life, my state
It has been long since I have seen the light of day
They are trying to end my happiness
Trying to see my dreams cancelled
Lazarus heard your voice
When that rock was removed
After four days he revived
Master, there is no other that can do this
That that only your name has all the power
I really need a miracle
Remove my rock
Calm me by the name
Change my story
Revive my dreams
Transform my life
Make me a miracle
Touch me at this hour
Calm me outside
Revive me
You are life itself
The strength that is within me
You are the son of God
Who lifts me up to win
Lord of everything within me
I already hear your voice
Calling me to live
A story of power
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