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King of Kings

Everyone standing, crying "his majesty"
Their hands trembling, they want to touch you
There's a feast in your honor
And on their knees, they offer themselves before you
But there won't be me
You're gigantic, of dust and cardboard
Under your shadow, they're waiting for you
They don't know what crime you committed
When they applause, by then, I won't be here
I don't know how to gladden for you
Your white eyes at the ending
And it won't be over me
No one could ever conquer you
My indignity that doesn't smear you
No one knows you
You'll sleep alone in your absurd fold*
I can't help myself from you
I'm not going to be the one who engraves your goodbye
I am the one the most joyous
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*enclosure for animal such as sheep


Rey de Reyes

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