Romanttinen Hölmö (Angol translation)

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Foolish Romantic

Many poor fellow
Has sang those songs before.
The words are changing but the message isn't,
Welcome to hell.
In the place with streaming water yearn for life isn't bothering,isn't bothering,
But a lake standing still doesn't burble,
Its water makes you sick.
Don't trust the promises he gives,
He's a romantic fool,can't you see?
As he dives into feelings greater than life,
Don't follow or you'll
Choke in his self pity,
And you can't raise him up,
He only wants to own you and break your wings.
Own problems are itching in the shoes,
He is avoiding anxiously the truth,
And he doesn't get,no way he knows,
How to calm himself down.
Only repeats the same mistakes,
And his longing phrases.
He wants to pick you up like a pearl and put into a pocket,
And so he tears you apart,
Restrains you and your growth,
Still he's too fragile to hold the responsibility.
Confused by the world,
He's one of the confusers too, no no no.
Don't trust my promises,
I'm a romantic fool,can't you see?
As I go insane due to feelings greater than the life,
Don't follow, or you will stay
Choking under that dark water,
And there's no way you can raise me up,
I just want to own you and break your wings.
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Romanttinen Hölmö

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