Rot und Grau (Angol translation)

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Red and Grey

I swallow bloody bread
The red juice flows from dough and cracked lips
It runs warm down the skinny arm
And trickles from skinned elbows
Down onto dirty floors
So that it sounds like tired rain in viscous puddles
Sometimes the blood clots1
Each bite cracks and crunches like the bones of baby birds
My heart is twitching on a dirtied plate
On a decaying table
And salt from my red eyes drips into my open chest
I break lonely bread - raw scabs2, poison, and soft dough
Sleepless for months
A home that no longer has guests3
And outside behind windows robbed of their sight
The emptiness chokes behind paths that are devastated and impassable
The heavy, grey fog, which erases anything that doesn't move
Down debris-covered slopes
Where fear begs for a way out
Before the nothingness grows in my chambers
Where you don't ever see my shadow,
which gets lost in the tenacious mist
  • 1. literally 'a clump/clot of blood is clotted'
  • 2. wund = sore/raw, Grind = scab
  • 3. literally 'in which no guest will stay anymore'
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Rot und Grau

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