Rumba (Angol translation)

Angol translation


Tonight you're with her again
you're breaking me into tiny pieces of glass
just pick-up the evidence from the floor
and love me, love me
Even when you're celebrating my birthday with another woman
and you're not answering when you see my number
and when you're sitting beside her instead of me, it's okay
Even when I approach your table and you drive me away like a dog
and I don't know even if you remember my name
but the night's here to correct it all, it's okay
Tonight the rumba, rumba, rumba drives me
to take off my shoes and forget about everything
the rumba, rumba, rumba is raising me
it's raising all the dresses, I'm not worried about tomorrow
The rumba, rumba, ruma drives me
to pull up my hair so I can see you better
the rumba, rumba, rumba is caressing me
the rumba raises me when love puts me down
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