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Meanings of "Run along"


يمضي- ينصرف أو يحاذي

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"Run along" in lyrics

KurousaP - Senbonzakura (千本桜)

Defeat the evil spirits, ICBM

Run along the loop line, you gotta be on the move, it's nothing

Kasabian - Goodbye Kiss

This lifestyle made us

Run along like I’m supposed to
Be the man I ought to

Ludwig van Beethoven - Ode to Joy

And the Cherub stands before God.

Brothers, run along your path[fn] changed the order of the lines slightly here so it would make sense in English[/fn]
Mirthfully, like his heavenly objects fly

Lana Del Rey - Goodbye kiss

You go your way and I'll go my way
No words can save us, this lifestyle made us
Run along like I'm supposed to, be the man I ought to
Rock and roll, sent us insane, I hope someday that we will meet again

Elena Paparizou - Gigolo (English)

What'chu wanna know papi-ey papi-o
Whoops, I bet you wouldn't mind Gigolo
Better run along
carry on with the show

Belle & Sebastian - I want the world to stop

The workers move to the suburbs
In between I watch and go
I run along side rush hour traffic a prayer for every car

Philipp Kirkorov - I Let You Go

The time will decide for us all...)

Nowhere to run along empty subways
And to wait for something from a hopeless destiny,

Lily Allen - Sheezus

[Bridge] x2
I am born again, now run along and tell
All your friends to come and join us

Nicki Minaj - Roman's Revenge

Take your mother’s warning, Roman
Back to bed! Run along!
Let’s go! Come on!

Natalia Lafourcade - Cheesy Melodies

On the day of your birthday
I designed a pair of white shoes
They would help you to run along the streets,
to climb the highest mountains

Gergana - Perhaps precisely you

beach, sea, women and all other extras, i fall down - kiss me, you are so sexy, look how im drowning to show you, cuz you have the lead role in 'Baywatch'
Hey, listen Geri, enough with the suffering already, 9 nights you faded away, 9 days you waited, come on do something, dance..come on, dirty dancing, i want some moves, i want...
thats it, keep going, keep going its well hot, it is my honour to be your colleague, damn how many fans (female) are all over the dancefloor, run along now for i love the summer holidays
and if this isnt a game for millions, 'VIP Brother', you Barbie doll and VIP persons, may i join your group, about me they say that love is a mania

Azealia Banks - Ice Princess

“All Hail The Supreme Ice Princess!”
Tell the carriage, hurry up and come and get me
Tell the haters run along you can miss me
Hollywood you can go and A-list me

Jaques Helian - Les Jeunnes Filles De Bonne Famille

They spend their time in merry company
While their husband is in his office
As mad they run along
From Montmartre to the Bastille (These are well known Paris neighbourhoods)

Sergey Nikitin - There'd be no one in the house

Suddenly, a quiver of doubt
Will run along the portiere -
Measuring the silence with your footsteps

Ismo Alanko - Love Is a Dirty Word

There's no more need to cast love vows
Let's hurry up and run along the wilds of happiness
Northern love is like a swear word

Katatonia - Lethean

This time you won't be needing me

To run along the freeway
To weigh one's heart

Imperiet - Cafe Cosmopolite

there is only some kind of similar era, farces named surrogate.

Through the window we see heart fields run along us
There are no doctors here, we have our own medicine.

Stray Kids - i am you

i see me in you
in the same space, the same time
let me run, let me run, let me run along with you

Christina Grimmie - Snow White

Some day he will come for me

Shoulda told you to run along
Shoulda backed down when I saw you coming on strong

Tanja Savić - When you find my character

do you kiss sometimes, thats how you do in order
do your tears for us at least
run along your cheek

Myronas Stratis - Most of all

Life is one breath outright, merely one quick glance;
it runs the speed of light, we run along in trance
This moment you are here, who knows what will next be

Ivan Dorn - Blue, yellow, red

Fresh musings have opened up a window in my mind. For this -- I thank you.
In the dark room or the bright world of the nighttime lanterns -- the time will come, believe me.
Yes, time is water, it always was. Thoughts run along the wires in my brain, leaving an unseen shadow.
Yes, time is water, it will flow forever. And only music lives, my dearest beloved.

Kings of Convenience - Gold for the Price of Silver

run along to the rhythm of your song.
Let your heart
run along to the rhythm of your song (6 times).
Everything you want is what I got to give you

Jay Sean - Mars

[Rick Ross]
She said she centerfold, you other chicks just run along
She shit on Christian Louboutin, she won't put it on

Wham! - Bad Boys

Run along to school,
No child of mine grows up a fool,
Run along to school.

Sonohra - In my imagination

Some people passing never look at us
as we run along the chances in the wind
In all the morning I will dress you

Little Mix - Freak

Set the tone
You'll be sleeping in the bed alone
Little boy you better run along
Don't want to make me sorry

Alejandro Filio - About People in Love

There is no way to reach people in love.
There are so many who run along and live searching,
who pass rapidly, who keep on going

Anna Zak - Bang Bang

Hurtin' cause you finally learned your lesson
I be on my baddest,Gucci,Prada,private jettin'
Boy I make the rules,run along and get to flexin'
Now ya wishin' you could love me more

My Dying Bride - The Blood, The Wine, The Roses

She strides among us with a burning fire.
Her victims endless, piling higher
And I run along with them,
the heaving mass,

Spiritual Front - Redemption or Myself

And of the infinite sleep that will
Drag me through these seas
But I will run along these banks
That you traced for me

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - In the Open

[Verse 3:]
Do you really wanna run along behind
Trails of gold and silver

Flans - Run, Run

Run, run, run I'm gonna get you
run, run, run, I can't anymore
run, run, run along the boulevard
run, run, run without looking back

Dizzy Wright - State Of Mind

Y'all don't hear me, demons near me, yes I'm on my own
100 songs that sound alike, you better get out yo comfort zone
Run along until I'm gone from an unsolved crime
Don't act surprised, yo state of mind gon change when I get a try, that's why I

Hollywood Undead - Lump Your Head

You should check your chin, oh no
You don't know what it's like to get your head lumped in but
You keep flappin' those gums but you keep flapping those gums so just run along
'Cause you don't want none

Defoliant - One Love

I run along the street,
A moment frozen in the sky,
Time has stopped it's movement.
The rhythm of the heart cut off the air in the throat,

Glennis Grace - I'm gonna be strong

I'm gonna be strong and stand as tall as I am
Yes, I'm gonna be strong and let you run along
And I take it like a man

S. Carey - Move

Move all your bees to here
If I could run my fingers through your hair
If you could run along the shore and air
I would...

Thomas De Quincey - The English Mail-Coach

From eight, P.M. to fifteen or twenty minutes later, imagine the mails assembled on parade in Lombard Street, where, at that time, was seated the General Post-Office. In what exact strength we mustered I do not remember; but, from the length of each separate _attelage_, we filled the street, though a long one, and though we were drawn up in double file. On _any_ night the spectacle was beautiful. The absolute perfection of all the appointments about the carriages and the harness, and the magnificence of the horses, were what might first have fixed the attention. Every carriage, on every morning in the year, was taken down to an inspector for examination--wheels, axles, linch-pins, pole, glasses, &c., were all critically probed and tested. Every part of every carriage had been cleaned, every horse had been groomed, with as much rigor as if they belonged to a private gentleman; and that part of the spectacle offered itself always. But the night before us is a night of victory; and behold! to the ordinary display, what a heart-shaking addition!--horses, men, carriages--all are dressed in laurels and flowers, oak leaves and ribbons. The guards, who are his majesty's servants, and the coachmen, who are within the privilege of the post-office, wear the royal liveries of course; and as it is summer (for all the _land_ victories were won in summer,) they wear, on this fine evening, these liveries exposed to view, without any covering of upper coats. Such a costume, and the elaborate arrangement of the laurels in their hats, dilated their hearts, by giving to them openly an _official_ connection with the great news, in which already they have the general interest of patriotism. That great national sentiment surmounts and quells all sense of ordinary distinctions. Those passengers who happen to be gentlemen are now hardly to be distinguished as such except by dress. The usual reserve of their manner in speaking to the attendants has on this night melted away. One heart, one pride, one glory, connects every man by the transcendent bond of his English blood. The spectators, who are numerous beyond precedent, express their sympathy with these fervent feelings by continual hurrahs. Every moment are shouted aloud by the post-office servants the great ancestral names of cities known to history through a thousand years,--Lincoln, Winchester, Portsmouth, Gloucester, Oxford, Bristol, Manchester, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Perth, Glasgow--expressing the grandeur of the empire by the antiquity of its towns, and the grandeur of the mail establishment by the diffusive radiation of its separate missions. Every moment you hear the thunder of lids locked down upon the mail-bags. That sound to each individual mail is the signal for drawing off, which process is the finest part of the entire spectacle. Then come the horses into play,--horses! can these be horses that (unless powerfully reined in) would bound off with the action and gestures of leopards? What stir!--what sea-like ferment!--what a thundering of wheels, what a trampling of horses!--what farewell cheers--what redoubling peals of brotherly congratulation, connecting the name of the particular mail--"Liverpool for ever!"--with the name of the particular victory--"Badajoz for ever!" or "Salamanca for ever!" The half-slumbering consciousness that, all night long and all the next day--perhaps for even a longer period--many of these mails, like fire racing along a train of gunpowder, will be kindling at every instant new successions of burning joy, has an obscure effect of multiplying the victory itself, by multiplying to the imagination into infinity the stages of its progressive diffusion. A fiery arrow seems to be let loose, which from that moment is destined to travel, almost without intermission, westwards for three hundred[10] miles--northwards for six hundred; and the sympathy of our Lombard Street friends at parting is exalted a hundred fold by a sort of visionary sympathy with the approaching sympathies, yet unborn, which we are going to evoke.

Liberated from the embarrassments of the city, and issuing into the broad uncrowded avenues of the northern suburbs, we begin to enter upon our natural pace of ten miles an hour. In the broad light of the summer evening, the sun, perhaps, only just at the point of setting, we are seen from every story of every house. Heads of every age crowd to the windows--young and old understand the language of our victorious symbols--and rolling volleys of sympathizing cheers run along behind and before our course. The beggar, rearing himself against the wall, forgets his lameness--real or assumed--thinks not of his whining trade, but stands erect, with bold exulting smiles, as we pass him. The victory has healed him, and says--Be thou whole! Women and children, from garrets alike and cellars, look down or look up with loving eyes upon our gay ribbons and our martial laurels--sometimes kiss their hands, sometimes hang out, as signals of affection, pocket handkerchiefs, aprons, dusters, anything that lies ready to their hands. On the London side of Barnet, to which we draw near within a few minutes after nine, observe that private carriage which is approaching us. The weather being so warm, the glasses are all down; and one may read, as on the stage of a theatre, everything that goes on within the carriage. It contains three ladies, one likely to be "mama," and two of seventeen or eighteen, who are probably her daughters. What lovely animation, what beautiful unpremeditated pantomime, explaining to us every syllable that passes, in these ingenuous girls! By the sudden start and raising of the hands, on first discovering our laurelled equipage--by the sudden movement and appeal to the elder lady from both of them--and by the heightened color on their animated countenances, we can almost hear them saying--"See, see! Look at their laurels. Oh, mama! there has been a great battle in Spain; and it has been a great victory." In a moment we are on the point of passing them. We passengers--I on the box, and the two on the roof behind me--raise our hats, the coachman makes his professional salute with the whip; the guard even, though punctilious on the matter of his dignity as an officer under the crown, touches his hat. The ladies move to us, in return, with a winning graciousness of gesture: all smile on each side in a way that nobody could misunderstand, and that nothing short of a grand national sympathy could so instantaneously prompt. Will these ladies say that we are nothing to _them_? Oh, no; they will not say _that_. They cannot deny--they do not deny--that for this night they are our sisters: gentle or simple, scholar or illiterate servant, for twelve hours to come--we on the outside have the honor to be their brothers. Those poor women again, who stop to gaze upon us with delight at the entrance of Barnet, and seem, by their air of weariness, to be returning from labor--do you mean to say that they are washerwomen and char-women? Oh, my poor friend, you are quite mistaken; they are nothing of the kind. I assure you they stand in a higher rank; for this one night they feel themselves by birthright to be daughters of England, and answer to no humbler title.

Giacomo Puccini - Tosca (libretto)

Run along!

Kristy Thirsk - Hourglass

I distress, give it away
Make it last, not every day
Run along, leave it to fate
Trust me you will feel much better

Acda en de Munnik - Run Lenny Run

Run Lenny, run
When you miss me, run along quickly with me for a moment
Run Lenny, run

Stray Kids - I am YOU

같은 공간 속에서 같은 시간 속에서
Let me run let me run
let me run along with YOU

Oleg Miami - Stay

[First Verse]
I run along the edge of thin ice.
Sail away with you, though I don't know where.

Oonagh - Aeria - About the Wind

The light so bright, you know that the way is close

Made for just you, you run along it, on and on
But behind you awakens the dark forest

Stephen Sondheim - On the Steps of the Palace

In the stuff on these steps...

Better run along home
And avoid the collision.

Kid Cudi - Can't Look In My Eyes

Places to go cause I need to build a travel log
I travel while you jake niggas run a blog
Now run along, I got some shit that needs posting
While I’m winnin’ livin’ life, skippin’ grinnin’ on em

Nochniye Gruzchiki - Cake House

Of the ever-present hell, studying me like a stupid insect

Look for thrills, count dead ends, run along the looped tunnel, behind every door there will be another door, after light Sunday there will be black Monday.
Lock in your house, calm your shivering, pincushion beat in a chest.

Madeline Juno - The Unknown

You're the only one to know which way to go
I'll run along with you

Stray Kids - I am YOU

Гатын щиган согесо
Let me run let me run
Let me run along with YOU

Novica Negovanovic - One river on my land

At that time, there were
two footprints that would remain in the sand
when you would run along
the shore, barefoot with me

Into the Woods (OST) - On The Steps Of The Palace

In the stuff on these steps...

Better run along home
And avoid the collision.

Geno Cultshit - Run Along

Most days I find I’m running from the fact that I miss you

So run along, so run along, so run along, so run along

Wiley - Hands In The Air

Thinking I left the bare bond
I’ma tell them ones who behind to get back run
You better run along but the fact is
When a champion I’m a love with everyone

Jung In - Bicycle

When the sun goes down and the dark again comes
Run, run.
Do not stop. Run along the red glow.
Do not stop now.

Alkaline Trio - Sadie

every opportunity to put us all away.

Now run along, my little nightmare, your job is done here.
You've scared them all to death.

Dawn Richard - Wake Up

[Verse 2]
Cause I like the way you are
Run along my fingers on you
Like my guitar

Kool Savas - Futurama (United Nations Remix)

Ridiculed and pitiful, the rest are just lame
You just talk the talk, pay homage to a fucking Don
You don't walk the walk, so dog you should run along
It's like they ain't used to cash

Pocahontas (OST) - Colours in a wind

Can you paint all colours in a wind?

Come run along hidden paths between the trees,
and taste sweet wild-berries on your voyage.

Artem Uglyarov - Along the Oncoming Lane

Going the wrong way.
We'll rush along the oncoming lane,
We'll run along the yellow streets,
Going the wrong way.

Matt Zarley - Shiny New Toy

And when you’re no longer “we”
Baby, think of me
Now run along and play with your shiny new toy

Tricky - Children's Story

He told the cops, "Back off or honey here's dead"
Deep in his heart, he knew he was wrong
Let the lady go and started to run along
Sirens sounded, he seemed astounded

Nadezhda Kadysheva - Water Lilies

We have known that day on said riverbank (1)

They run along, playful and teasing
I shout to them: "where do you go ?"

Melnitsa - Wolf Moon

When sun dances in the House of Dog,
The moon comes to the House of Wolf,
The needles run along the spine,
And bitter smoke clouds the eyes.

Captain Jack - Captain Jack

Badadadideido, left, right, right, left
Badadadideido, run along with Captain Jack

Frozen (OST) - Yes leave it

Yes leave it, let it go
I'll run along with the wind
Yes leave it, let it go

Suzanne Valroger - The Sheik (In the Vast Sahara)

Full of disdain
The Sheik goes on his way again
And all of us run along with him
After the dream that ran away

Cosmo Sheldrake - Come along

We'll sing a song of days gone by.

Run along now, don’t be glum,
Get you gone, now, have some fun,

George Gershwin - Fascinating Rhythm

I'm so unhappy
Won't you take a day off
Decide to run along
Somewhere far away off

Kai Martin & Stick! - You shall be like a wild animal this year

You shall have energy in order to win
But the light of the day is routine
I run along because I am used to it

Gene Pitney - I'm Gonna Be Strong

So I'm gonna be strong and pretend I don't care
I'm gonna be strong and stand as tall as I am
Yes I'm gonna be strong and let you run along
and take it like a man

El Sabalero - Child's Play

and they compete to be grouchiest.
The street belongs to everyone
If we want to run along the fence line with a stick.

AuktYon - I Fell

Today I walked out, I walked around and constantly fell, walked around and constantly fell,
I lied crying because I didn't need anything,
I ran thinking it wasn't good to run along the edge,
The only thing that cheers me is that I know nothing.

Deerhunter - Carrion

I set you free
Now run along
Now run along
In the midnight hour

Elton John - Amy

'Cause the big boys like you and to you, I'm an infection
So if you don't want me around
I think I'll run along and drown
You can't want this bum in town, Amy

Dorothy Parker - A Fairly Sad Tale

Were- shall we say?- born out of wedlock.
They broke my heart, they stilled my song,
And said they had to run along,
Explaining, so to sop my tears,